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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

afternoon tea party

 On Saturday I hosted an afternoon tea for some of our local home schooling mothers.

Seven of us were able to enjoy a lovely afternoon tea together on my veranda.

Of course I got into party decorating mode to make everything look pretty!
I borrowed the bunting from The Girl's room and strung it across the veranda.
The day bed is also dressed in one of The Girl's quilt covers.
(you may notice Bella and Maggie testing it out for comfort in the background!)
My Grandmother's antique embroidered tablecloth graces the coffee table.
Some pretty fabrics were used to dress up other areas as well.
The tea cups were placed on the tea trolley that I also put some lovely aqua polka dot oil cloth on.

I covered the servery with a vintage white sheet- to hide all the uglies underneath and then put this pretty oilcloth over the top.
I made some cute little labels for the different teas and milks I put out,

and for those who wanted something different I put out a selection of herbal and flavoured teabags to choose from.

Above the servery window I draped one of my doily buntings.
I have made so many of these and they sell so quickly that when I made this one I decided that I was going to keep it just for ME!

I covered the drawers that will one day be "redeemed" with a sweet cherry print.
It is amazing how some scrap fabric can transform something and cover up the ugly!

B3 helped me with dressing up the lemonade bottles by cutting the doilies in half and then stamping lemonade on each one, before I glued it on and tied some baker's twine around it.
The straws were left over from The Girl's birthday party.

I placed the lemonade bottles with some lovely homemade sugar-free lemonade and some refreshing mint and cucumber water onto an aqua tray.

The flowers were from a cheap mixed bunch I got at the supermarket and
supplemented with some cosmos from my garden.
These one's on the coffee table were put into an old Mason jar.

Of course now you should be seeing some photos of the pretty cupcakes I made and the mini quiches I forgot to serve and all the lovely food, only in all the excitement I thought I had taken the photos earlier, but obviously hadn't!
So that's all folks!!!


  1. so gorgeous deanne! your friends must have loved it.

  2. How lovely of you, and what great pretty mother spoiling ideas you have. I am also trying to get our local H's ladies to spend some more quality time together, which always seems like a massive task at the time... don't know why we are all so stuck in our ways because we really seem to enjoy these type of outings.
    Blessings to you.

  3. It looks so beautiful Deanne. Hope you had a lovely day.

  4. It looks just lovely Deanne. I bet the food was just as lovely to match.

    Anne xx

  5. I love your pretty, feminine style, Deanne. It's such an inspiration - thank you for sharing.

    God bless:-)

  6. Wow I bet your guests were as impressed as I am.. What a beautiful mount of effort you went to and totally worth it looking at the outcome.

  7. It all looks so beautiful Deanne!

  8. Beautiful Deanne - how special your friends must have felt, it's all so pretty xx

  9. Beautiful! So sorry I missed it, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. I'll be looking forward to the next one :)

  10. Looks very "posh" with the cups and saucers and the pretty teapots and jugs :D! Love the decorations. I'm sure the food was just as pretty and tasteful as the tea party area.
    Cheers, Robyn xo

  11. OMG how stunning.You should do party advice for others-love dee x

  12. Love love this!

  13. wow you know how to throw a tea party, so many lovely things going on in your blog space, thanks for sharing the creative inspiration

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