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Monday, June 3, 2013

when life gets in the way of blogging

 Hey long time no write!
I can't believe that I have not posted on this blog for over a month!
But hey sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.
It's not that I have had nothing to say, I have had lots of ideas for blog posts, but I just haven't seemed to be able to muster the time or energy to actually sit down here and write.
Raging hormones as I enter a new phase in life haven't helped either- peri-menopause is no fun, but as I get used to my body changes I need to push myself to get back into the blogging that I love.
 I promised myself today is the day.
I have stacks of photos to upload onto the computer from my camera that I haven't even been bothered to do, but when I sat down at the computer this morning I couldn't find the cord so I am waiting for B2 to get up and find where he put it so I can at least show you some photos.
He is up and found it- so now this post will include some photos!

We have just entered our busiest soccer season ever!
I am sure this will be a once off,
  this year we have all six children playing soccer and three of them refereeing.
B1 after not playing for a couple of years and just refereeing decided to play soccer this year.
B2 is currently playing under 16's (which is Friday nights) but also plays in either Reserve Grade or 2nd grade on Saturday afternoons, and last week he also sat on the bench for 1st grade!
This of course means two nights of training each week- so four days each week usually involve soccer for him.
All the other children are also playing in their normal age divisions.
B1, B2 and now B3 are all soccer referees, so that means Friday nights, Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons mean donning uniforms with whistles or flags in hand to referee games around their playing commitments. 
Thankfully, B1 has his license (he is now on his green P's) and is able to take himself and others to various fields which can be very helpful when we have more that two fields to go to on a Saturday morning or when either VCH or myself are unable to take them.

In May we have celebrated Mother's Day, our Mother's Day lunch included VCH's mother and husband, VCH's Grandmother (Great Nana will be 102 in July!) and his sister and her family.

We have had numerous birthdays including VCH's and B4's 11th birthday.
I have been in my back garden, weeding, pruning and planting the lovely roses I got for Mother's Day.

I have also been collecting furniture and things for a big Market Day on the 29th June- I need to get stuck into some painting and such!!!

I have several recipe's to share including Liquorice Ice Cream, some makeovers and a very special afternoon tea.

I promise it will not be a month before you hear from me again!
I will be back later in the week with more updates from five brothers one sister!


  1. I've been wondering where you've been Deanne! Lovely photos, and I always find May a busy month too. Love the cake you made with the tiny teddies, oh boy, your week sounds busy with all that soccer. We have only one doing club football, and it's already seeming to me a big time commitment! xx

    1. The cake did turn out well even though we had to go to five shops before I could find the jelly rings!

  2. I've wondering too Deanne. Always get worried when my favourites disappear from the blogosphere. (Not that you have to check in with me or anything. LOL)

    Anne xx

    1. I really didn't mean to stay away that long it just kinda happened!

  3. that month went quickly! a cute setting on your verandah and i love the pink chair.

  4. I was just over here this morning wondering what you were up to and now I know. Looking forward to all your wonderful inspiration and the fair sounds great.

    1. Yeah just lots of painting etc to get done, but it will be great to get to a market!

  5. welcome back...nice turquoise tray....I have one similar :)

  6. So pleased to hear all is well, have been checking your blog to see how things are and hope my email/s made it through too.

  7. Glad to see yo back Deanne, and look forward to hearing about all the things you've been up to :)

  8. Hi Deanne,
    Happy to see you back. I totally get how you are feeling. Have a great week and I love the post.

  9. My goodness, no wonder you haven't had time to blog, Deanne! So much happening for you and the family. How amazing for you all to have a grandma (and gg) celebrating a 102nd birthday!!

  10. It has been ages Deanne, new you would be back eventually. Sometimes life does just get in the way of blogging and I think that is completely understandable. Hope your painting is going well for your up coming market... looking forward to seeing your snaps. Welcome back hon xx

  11. Glad your back I had only just found your blog and had gone back through all the posts and really enjoyed it then I didn't see any more but hey family is more important .just glad to see you back I so enjoy your posts-love dee


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