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Monday, April 8, 2013

back on the trail

Remember when we pulled the cubby house and swings down I said I was after a swing set for the back yard?
 I had been looking on gumtree without success, 
 recently I have been using a local buy,swap sell facebook page with great success 
and the other day a listing came up for a free swing set- I was on it straight away!

 VCH went and picked it up on his way home from work that very day!
This is the first time we have ever owned a conventional swing set and our eldest is 18 and our youngest is 6!

He also came home with this pink desk chair that the owners were also giving away- not quite my cup-of-tea but The Girl was thrilled!

Saturday saw me taking in a few garage sales before soccer and I managed to get these gorgeous yellow shutters for $5 for the pair. 
I just love the colour!

This old TV stand is going to be my next play kitchen project.

These lanterns are for my collection 

and these metal side tables are going to be spray painted and sold.
What colour do you think?


  1. i think the side tables will look great when you're finished with them!
    great finds as usual.

  2. I'd have to say blue and white, but then that's just me. Maybe you should go with industrial colours.

    Love the shutters and I can see why your little girl liked the's certainly colourful.

    1. I was thinking industrial or red, but also a union jack makeover came to mind.

  3. I've been keeping my eyes open for shutters, but nothing so far. Love the yellow!

    Those metal side tables are great to - I'm thinking red!

    1. Yep red was my first thought, but then I started second guessing myself and wondering if I should go more industrial!

  4. The yellow shutters and lanterns look really awesome. Will you be giving the shutters a makeover?

    1. I quite like the yellow, I think I might just give them a good clean and maybe a light distress and they will be good to go!

  5. I'm so in awe of your creativity, Deanne. I'm terrible at choosing colours - for sewing projects, too - but, I always know what I like afterwards! I imagine all your experience helps you to visualise the end product pretty well.

    God bless:-)

  6. I love the chair, so girly. Do like those metal cupboards, what about something really bright?


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