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Monday, March 11, 2013

last week

I know another MIA week!
I am going to try getting up a bit earlier this week and make sure I fit in a post before breakfast.
Problem is that it is so dark now in the morning that it is hard to get up at 6am.
Anyway I thought I would share a couple of shots of happenings here over the last week.

 B2 celebrated his 16th birthday on Wednesday.
He requested a sponge for a birthday cake and I am very happy with the gluten free, sugar free cake I whipped up and will share the recipe later in the week.

 B3 came home with his army cadets uniform on Wednesday night.
He was supposed to get it a couple of weeks ago, but time prevented it happening, but he finally got it last week.

For those who tried guessing what my little sneak peak was-
it is a new outdoor kitchen.
There are just a couple of little things I want done and then I will show you all the details.
We worked on getting the area cleaned up and putting things in the cupboards and a couple of decorative things- see the chalkboard.
VCH enjoyed cooking Saturday night's BBQ up there.

The weekend also saw the end of an era when we ripped out the swings and cubby house.
The swing set was built by the previous owners so has probably been up there for 18 years or so.
We added our own cubby, removed from our previous house and connected it to the fort on the side of the swings with a bridge.
The children and their friends have spent many hours playing in there.
Unfortunately the timber on the swings was rotting and the swings themselves had seen better days.

 The cubby was also looking worse for where after the various renovations it had received from certain children mainly B1 and B4 over the years.
Now they have stopped playing in it, it was a good time to pull it down.

In the mean time I am looking for another swing set on Gumtree that the younger kids and visitors can use until they grow too big!
But as usual here at five brothers one sister we have plans for this space.

 Another job I was able to tackle was planting out this garden.
We have been waiting for some dry weather so that VCH could get some topsoil for the garden, 
thankfully with a bit of sunshine it was dry enough to collect.
I want to have an eclectic, redeemed, flower garden and I am using some bed-ends I found on the side of the road and a few other things to help me.

 Here is The Girl as we found her late yesterday afternoon.
Certainly an interesting sleeping position!

I will be back with some roadside finds and that sponge cake recipe to share later this week!


  1. You have been busy - the outdoor kitchen looks great. Sad that its the end of an era with the cubby though... although the new flower garden is looking very promising. xx

  2. LOVING the outdoor kitchen - what a great place to whip up all those great steaks!
    I think the girl looks extremely comfortable lol - XOX

  3. I love this post.. What I love most girl is the since of family and togetherness.. Just beautiful memories being made. I loved that BED in the garden to make a flower bed... I loved it all. YOU have a beautiful family and they sure have a beautiful mamma.. Have a blessed new week my friend.....Sherry @ The Rusty PEarl

  4. The sponge looks beautiful. Can't wait for the recipe.

    Anne xx

  5. An active week. Your family seems so together. Looking forward to see the finished outdoor kitchen.

  6. many hands make light work ;)
    the kitchen will be great, especially in your warm climate.

  7. Wow - an outdoor kitchen! Sounds fantastic!

    Love the idea of all pulling down the swings together... it is a bit of a milestone, and definitely made me smile :)

  8. It's so cute when they fall asleep like that like. One of ours used to fall asleep standing up, leaning over her bed, and I have photos of our youngest asleep, draped over the roof of his pedal car!

    Lovely post, Deanne!

    God bless:-)

  9. An outdoor kitchen, yum! Party Time!! Love outdoor eating, it's so carefree.

  10. What else can I say? I admire your family's effort to build an outdoor kitchen! I'm sure that it'll look wonderful since everyone has put a personal touch on it. I can't wait to see your whole family spending quality time on your outdoor kitchen!

    -Angelina Garcia


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