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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

easy classic sponge gluten and sugar free

  A good sponge is something of a classic Australian institution.
Nothing says morning or afternoon tea better than a layered sponge with whipped cream between the layers.
A few years ago I made it my mission to master the art of cooking a light and fluffy sponge.
I searched online and managed to find a few recipes to try.
I had great success with this one
When the other day B2 thought he would like a sponge for his birthday I set about to make a gluten free and sugar(fructose) free cake.
I adapted the recipe I had and was very happy with the result.
We served it with whipped cream and passionfruit.

I was so impressed with the result that I decided to make another so I could take some photos and share the recipe with you.
If you want to know why I avoid sugar see here:
Don't be fooled by some sugar free recipes that tell you to use dates or apple juice instead of cane sugar, they are actually chock full of sugar (fructose) in fact they probably have more sugar than something made with cane sugar.
Dates and raisins are a whopping 70% sugar!
Did you know that by feeding your kids "wholegrain" cereal for breakfast with some juice and then pack their lunchbox with "healthy" snacks like raisins or fruit that by lunch, they've eaten their way through a Mars bar and a can of coke worth of sugar!
(From Sarah Wilson's new book I Quit Sugar)
The latest Australian dietary guidelines are actually saying for the very first time that we should be reducing our sugar intake!

Even though my sponge is sugar free, I still treat it as an occasional treat.
Nowadays, I try to bake sweet treats (even though they are sugar free) no more than once a week and sometimes even less, or for a special occasion like a birthday.

5 eggs separated
1C dextrose
1 C GF self raising flour
175ml warm milk

Preheat oven to 160C.
In your stand mixer beat egg whites until very stiff.
Slowly add dextrose while still beating 
Add egg yolks one at a time 
Slowly add the warm milk (I heat the milk for a minute or so on the stove- don't let it boil!).
Finally I turn my mixer down to the lowest speed and add the flour until it is just incorporated or you can fold in my hand if you prefer.
Pour into 2 round sponge cake tins that are greased and lined.
Cook for 20 minutes, I usually change them around in the oven after 15minutes so they are evenly browned.
Cake should be firm, coming away slightly from the edge and a skewer comes out clean.

When they are cooked turn onto a plate before upending plate onto cooling rack so the top is still the top.
Allow to cool.
 Spread with fruit spread.

I then topped this with some white peaches I happened to have.

Spread it with whipped Vienna cream (a little dextrose and vanilla)

Top with other half of cake.

Dust with icing sugar.
(obviously not sugar free but amount is so minimal that it doesn't matter)
Use whatever fruit, cream or icing you like- I am partial to passionfruit myself!

Slice and enjoy!

NOTES: You can adapt a normal cake recipe from sugar to dextrose by adding an extra egg, increasing the amount of liquid slightly and lowering the cooking temperature. 
Feel free to experiment!
You can buy dextrose where you by home brew ingredients, 
it is much less expensive than lots of other sugar free alternatives.




  1. At the ripe old age of 41 I have only just realised how much sugar is in you I believed it to be natural and therefore healthy so the whole family ate a lot of fruit.....we have cut right back now so I will definitely be testing out your cake! Rx

  2. Deanne, that looks absolutely beautiful. I love the addition of white peaches. How gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays.

    Anne xx

  3. It looks wonderful Deanne! We now have two family members who are eating wheat free. Spelt wheat doesn't agree with them, I wonder if GF flour would be ok - only one way to find out I guess.

    Regarding your question about my recent flower - after a google search I have concluded they must be a very tall variety of Sulphur Cosmos. The leaves are different to feathery traditional cosmos foliage, there seems to be a number of different varieties. I have added a name caption to the photo.

    1. Looks delectable!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. Deanne, I've gone sugar free too (along with my husband on his Eczema Diet) after reading some of David Gillespie's Sweet Poison info. Can you tell me where you source your dextrose?


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