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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

roadside finds

When we were on holidays it was the little beach village's turn for their kerbside cleanup.
We found some great treasures.
I was very impressed at the treasures that B4 and B5 came back with one day when scouring the neighbourhood- they know their mother so well!

Their finds included an old window, an old shovel and this rusty old brazier, which is in my new garden with a pot in it.

We also found some shutters and a good piece of guttering that VCH will use on the side of the shed, at the next door neighbours, and when we went for a drive around the village in the ute I spotted this fantastic sign.
It is gorgeous and shabby, I am sure someone will love it when I eventually have another market stall.

When we got home from our holiday it was our area's turn for the kerbside clean up so we had some more treasures to find.
This table and chairs was on the side of the road and when VCH went back to get them in the ute he found that there was only 3 chairs but the owner (who VCH knew through work) was out the front and said- "there is another chair in the shed I will get that for you too!".
We needed to do some minor repairs to a couple of the chairs and one edge of the table and it is now getting painted.

We had great success in finding lots of metal bed ends.
Here are three that I am using in my garden that plants will grow up and trail around.
Another set of bed ends VCH is turning into a bench for me.

We also scooped the pool with shutters galore!
One of the wood ones came from the beach, the white set on the left I pulled off the side of the road in pouring rain.
The gorgeous red ones a dear friend found on her morning walk and dragged them home with her,
 it is so cool when friends find me treasures!
I am thinking of getting VCH to turn the large one into a potting bench or hall stand for me to sell.

It was unfortunate that it was raining at the time of the pick up which meant that lots of stuff was wrecked before we could get it and that VCH's work ute had to go back so that they could still do deliveries while he was on holidays which also meant some big things had to be left behind. 
But that being said I still think we got a fantastic haul and I there were plenty of little things I haven't bothered to show.

Freebies on the side of the road are the best!


  1. i agree. it appears you scored big time!
    Bec x

  2. I was thinking of you during kerbside collection week, knowing you were away for some and then knowing the rain was a bother. You still ended up with a good haul of treasures ready for redemption!

  3. Wow!!! We need curb clean-up days around here :)
    Great finds.
    I know that you will remake them into treasures.
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. What - what great finds - especially love that patio set!

  5. wow...great finds! Your area is full of good curb stuff!!!

  6. I'm always amazed by how wonderfully you restore your finds, Deanne. The bottle shop sign is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest!

    God bless:-)

  7. I love all your finds................... That is some fun PICKEN right the shutters and doors too. Hugs and hope that your week is blessed blessed blessed ..

  8. you did well! love the sign and the bedhead garden idea especially :)

  9. I love all those shutters!! And the sign is fantastic!!

  10. Love your finds. On the subject of rain, I was quite annoyed to find that our local council had changed their annual Hard Rubbish collection from late Jan/ early Feb to April/May for a couple of reasons. One was that you can do a good clean out while on holidays in Jan, rather than some random weekend in April, but the main irritation to me was that there is almost no chance of rain in Jan/ Feb and it means that a lot of the Hard Rubbish is recycled and picked up by others, rather than being taken by the council to the tip. Moving it to late Autumn means things could be so ruined by the rain that they end up being left and going to the dump. It's such a shame.... ok, rant over. You did well! xx

  11. Oh I hate that feeling when you have to leave stuff behind because it's niot gogin to fit in the car. Great finds.


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