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Thursday, March 21, 2013

pizza pizza i like to eat a pizza...

 Another part of our new outdoor kitchen arrived on Monday.
We have wanted one of these for quite some time and it was always in the plan.
VCH was going to make one, but in the end we decided to buy a prebuilt one.
Lots less time consuming and much less stressful, but of course a bit more expensive.
We thought we would put some of the money the Government gave us for the inconvenience of being trapped in our own home during the recent flood to good use.

VCH picked it up from Bunnings on Monday on the trailer.
It weighs 190kgs!
They pushed the trailer in position behind the old BBQ area.

 Then with straps on the handles they manoeuvred it into position.

 In position after some hard work.
 I didn't get to take an actual shot of the final lift as I had to sit on the end of the trailer with the two little ones to help keep it at the right height.
I know it was a huge effort on my part, but someone has to do the hard stuff and can't always be just the official photographer!

And here it is almost ready to use.
It has to have a couple of small fires lit in it to cure it first and then we will be able to cook pizza, roasts, bread - all sorts of things in it.
Pizza party here we come!


  1. Oh - you're going to enjoy that Deanna!!!
    Imagine baking break in that beauty?
    Lucky you
    now excuse me while I go shovel a path of snow to my barbeque to put steaks on LOL

  2. wow! that is some outdoor kitchen.

  3. Looks fantastic!! My husband has been talking about one for while... maybe Christmas!

  4. How wonderful! And it's great that you have photos showing how pit got moved into place...great team you've got there!

  5. That's it. I'm definitely coming for dinner at your place. That looks fantastic.

    Have a great weekend and I guess pizza is on the menu.

  6. That looks so neat! I hope you enjoy your first meal in it, Deanne.

    God bless:-)

  7. Love it. I'm coming over for pizza

  8. what a blessing, sure beats waiting for hubby to build one from scratch, what a lucky country we live in where the government blesses us for our inconvenience. It sure looks like you are putting the money to good use. I am going to have to take a closer look at bunnings myself and put it on my wish list...


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