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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...of droughts and flooding rains

 This morning I was coming here to share with you these lamington cupcakes that I made for an Australia Day BBQ we attended yesterday on the public holiday.

Instead I am going to show you these.
This is what we woke up to this morning.

We can't even get out our driveway.

We have never had a flood go so high, so quickly.

 Looking to the left.

 Looking to the right.

The white car brigade!
As you can see our house is perfectly safe.
We are looking after a friend's car.
The water rose so quickly they couldn't get back across from yesterday's party.
Another friend's son took them home in his 4WD, in the meantime we got a phone call from them to say we had better get his parent's across as it was rising so fast.
When we got there 5 minutes later it was already too late.
VCH had to get the boat and get them across, as we ferried other friends home who had ducked into town to get some flood emergency supplies, but managed to walk across.

VCH then had to ferry some other people from the town side to a waiting husband on this side.
They are expecting the river in town to peak just below the levy wall at 9am- but quite frankly they are not sure what is happening as it has all been so quick!

Hoping all our friend's down river have made it to safety as they are evacuating those areas.

Don't think we will be leaving for our beach holiday anytime soon!


  1. Wow Deanne!! I hope you and your family are safe and dry. Will you just wait it out now? Hope you have all the supplies you need.

    My husband and I laughed last night that a couple of weeks ago we were doing our bush fire plan, and now we have flood warnings (i don't think we'll get anything even close to what you're seeing). January certainly has been a weird one!

  2. Mother Nature must be trying to tell us something! That is scary Deanne.
    Hope you are all ok x

  3. Praying that your water goes down.. UGH that is not GOOD !!! I love your house too ...and those beautiful cupcakes look YUMO !!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS and prayerrs .. Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  4. Hi Deanne we too have been flood bound since Saturday, many kids can't get to school on there first day...The good news is I can't get to work, so I am here reading all the lovely blogs. Keep safe and dry...

  5. glad to hear you're ok!
    the weather has been pretty crazy.

  6. Those photos are incredible!! Your road is a river... Glad your ok and it's peaking below the levy. Stay dry and fingers crossed it all drains away relatively quickly xx

  7. Didn't it come quickly this time! We went to bed at 11.30 and couldn't see any water (admittedly it was dark outside) and woke up at 2.30 to find between one and two feet inside.
    Sorry to hear your holiday is on hold. A bit of schoolwork while you wait? We aren't starting any time soon now.

  8. Wow! Highest yet!! Though thank goodness not inside like Missy.

  9. We certainly do live in the land of droughts and flooding rains.. At least the fire danger has gone for you at the moment.
    The children must be excited with all the drama, I am glad you are all safe.
    Thinking of you praying that the rains will recede soon.
    Blessings Nell

  10. I hope those water levels stay down and everyone stays safe! Thinking of you and my fellow QLDers x

  11. oh dear glad you are all sure is scary isn't it?
    Bec x

  12. How scary Deanne! Hope you're still safe as these floods have been so 'stealthy' completely catching many people unawares. It's humid and overcast here in Brisbane today with just showers predicted :-(
    How are the power supplies down your way? Lot of houses were without power for 40 hours or so and now there are probs with water supply.

  13. It was so quick wasn't it, with expected heights being revised upwards rapidly. So pleased to see our river falling now.....

  14. She's a big country with lots of variable for sure.


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