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Monday, August 20, 2012

my veranda

Today, I thought I would share a few photos of my veranda.
I love my veranda!
We added it 5 years ago as part of our extension.
It is another room in our house, it is even in winter, one of our most used rooms.
We sit out here for morning tea and often lunch, in warmer weather we will breakfast out here as well.
It is a quite place for reading and I often use the table for my painting or craft projects.
I often entertain out here, it is a lovely place for a cuppa, cake and a chat with a girlfriend or three!

When we repainted the house last year, I chose to paint the veranda Antique White USA which is my main wall colour inside rather than the grey we painted the rest of the weatherboards.
I liked the idea of a neutral backdrop that I could style how I wished without colour interfering and how it makes the veranda flow from the house.

Find the before photos here and here.

I recently did some rearranging and turned the day bed around.
VCH complained that it no longer faces out to look over the fields, but I like how it makes the space seem cosy and enclosed, for now anyway!
I made some new cushion covers recently.
Just simple envelope covers.
I have had the fabric for ages.
It is an outdoor fabric from Fabric Traders.
Unfortunately, I don't think they still have it in stock.
I had enough to make four cushions and a table runner for the coffee table.
It is a very subtle aqua with big white flowers on it.
I would buy more if they still had it- it is very pretty!

This poor old table has had a tough life.
My mother bought it for us when we first moved to Brisbane.
We had been married about 6 months and this was our housewarming present
(for the house we first rented when we moved).
It was one of those spray painted grey numbers - very early 90's- went with the rest of our grey furniture!
It's has moved with us and by the time it landed here 11 years ago it was starting to look
a little worn and dated,
several transformations later,
 it now lives on the veranda with a white top that I paint over from time to time and distressed aqua legs.

This table is our old dining room table.
We have had it since B1 was little, we got it free from a milk factory that was closing down- it was their lunch room table.
We used this until we outgrew it and VCH built me our current table.
I have never done anything to it until the last school holidays when I took to the legs with some white and then aqua paint and then distressed it with the electric sander.
VCH belt sanded the top for me because it had paint all over it from my painting forays. 
I am yet to do anything with it- I am still undecided how to finish it- wax it, stain it , lime it?
In the mean time a white table cloth looks pretty and keeps it from getting dirty.

I love my tray trolley, it is out here at the moment with some plants on it and my wooden crates under it.
I picked it up from a garage sale some time ago for $5.

Looking from the day bed back towards the kitchen, you see my aqua clock and the table and my little collection of lanterns in a basket.
There is also the green roof of a doll's house that The Girl was handed down by her cousin- I need to fix it up before she can use it, but haven't got there yet.

Here is my little picnic basket collection and a few plants on an old table that used to be my mother's.
and one of my shutters 

I planted the chocolate mint in an old colander that was $2 at a garage sale and it is sitting on top of an old tin that I found on the side of the road when we were on holidays earlier this year.

Come and join me for some coffee and cake on my comfy veranda!

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  1. This does look like a wonderful place to hang out. Beautiful decorating, to bad there were no 'before' pics! Visiting from Met Monday

  2. so pretty! you did a great job. love where the daybed is, love those dining chairs, love all the hits of aqua. love it!

  3. i love enclosed verandahs and how you've decorated yours mostly white is beautiful. it looks like a peaceful place to hang out, especially with the lovely views! x

  4. Yes, one can certainly appreciate your hard work even more when you see the 'before'. *smiles*

  5. Such a lovely veranda. If I weren't on the other side of the world (literally!) I'd come by for tea!

  6. Lovely relaxing veranda and beautifully decorated. Love your mini histories to the items there :).

  7. Oh I love your veranda too Deanne! Your furniture and accessories are gorgeous, love the pops of blue you've got happening!
    Cas x

  8. Coffee and cake on the verandah sounds great! xx

  9. I love your veranda, and I love aqua. Have you seen the blog House of Turquoise. It is great. It has all kinds of great ideas. Have fun on your veranda.
    Adorned From Above

  10. You've done a beautiful job with your patio. What a great look! The cake and coffee sound wonderful too. I'll be right over.

  11. Your veranda is so warm and inviting. What a great place to relax.

  12. I am sorry you are no longer following Carole's Chatter. Was there some particular reason? Anything I could do better. Happy blogging.

  13. It looks so relaxing. Love the fabric on the cushions, and the stories behind the furniture.

  14. You've got it looking absolutely gorgeous Deanne.
    I can't wait to see it with the verandah ceiling painted ;o) ;o) ;o)
    Tania xx

  15. Such a pretty porch and I do so love aqua. And isn't it lovely how all your pieces have a story to them.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  16. I love outdoor living and I love your veranda. Wow, the history of your table is awesome. Don't ever get rid of that, it's too cool. Looks so inviting out there. Wish I could just pop in.

  17. Deanne, your veranda looks like a comfortable place to relax. I certainly would love to sit there and have cake and coffee with you (if you didn't live soooo far away). ---------- Shannon

  18. It's the perfect Aussie verandah Deanne. Love the aqua and white and thsoe cushion covers are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday.


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