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Saturday, August 18, 2012

sentimental saturday- dining room

This is a quick Sentimental Saturday post with a few links.

Looking back two years ago today this is what I posted about:
It was a very exciting day for our family.
Two years on it has bought many happy memories and lots of fun for us and our friends.
I won't post a photo, you will have to pop over to the old post to see the mystery item.

I also found this in the archives, from around the same time.

a gorgeous little post about decorating my washstand in the dining room.

Here it is today:

I picked up the round tray op shopping the other day and I bought these daffodils today, hoping they will last until Thursday, as I need them for something I am doing.

and while I am here I will show you this picture of a mirror that I bought the other day for $10.
I put it on the old sewing machine that lives in here and put the cake stand with candles in front of it.

and I couldn't resist taking a photo with the candles lit and the reflection.


  1. Beautiful photos Deanne! Cool score with that mirror too, I have a similar one that I picked up off the side of the road (it's on my old sewing machine table too lol!!) I love your Sentimental Saturday series :)
    Cas x

  2. Its always a nice feeling being sentimental once in a while, looking back our old,happy and memorable part of our lives.So like your mirror with candles.

  3. Hi, Deanne! Loving all your pretty decor! That washstand is fabulous, btw!

  4. Those candles lit are just stunning...what a fab idea :)

  5. I love your wash stand and singer sewing machine. Hope the flowers lasted.


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