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Friday, August 17, 2012

friday favourites- thin lizzy

Today I thought I would share my favourite make-up, Thin Lizzie.
I discovered Thin Lizzie about 6 months ago, well actually I have known about it for a few years when it was only available via telemarketing, but I am a little reluctant to buy that way, so when I saw it advertised at Big W I thought I would give it a go.
 It took a few goes for me to get it when it was in stock.
But I finally got it and took it home to try.
It comes with a little MP3 that just goes in your computer to show you how to use it.

It also comes with two sets, in a little tin, one to use at home and one to keep in your handbag or save for later?
 You have a choice of light or dark, but unless your skin is very dark you should stick with light, you can just layer it up depending how dark you want to look.

 In the tin are two of each of the above, a powder compact, lip gloss, a brush and the eyeliner pencil.
The pencil comes with a brown end and a black end and a little sharpener on the lid, I mainly use brown.

I like my makeup to look natural and take only a couple of seconds to put on and this really does the trick.

I usually just give my face a light brush over and then highlight my cheeks and brush it on my eyelids .
I use the pencil to line my eyes and then you can either use the Thin Lizzie as a lipstick and add the lip gloss or use your favourite lipstick.
I just use a very neutral lipstick (in the day anyway) and then put the lipgloss on.
A quick swipe with mascara over my lashes and I am done.

For the sake of this blog post being scientific and accurate I just went and put my make-up on and timed it with B3's stopwatch and it took me 1min 35sec from start to finish- so you can have your makeup done and dusted in under 2 minutes!

For a night time look I will add a little brown eyeshadow to my lower lid and a brighter lippy.

A little hint I got from the Big W lady was to make sure you haven't just moisturized before using it as it will stick in the creases giving you lines- something someone my age definitely doesn't want!
I usually have my shower, moisturise my face, go and get dressed, get the kids organised and then put my make-up just before I head out the door, infact I keep it right at the front door in my sewing room near the mirror, it has good light and I do it as I grab my bag and keys.

So here I am being very brave and showing you a before and after shot.

A little self portrait before shot,

 and this is after, B3 took this photo for me the other day, B2 says I look weird!

So there you have my little review of Thin Lizzie, my SIL uses it and loves it and I gave one to my 
 MIL for her birthday because we both raved about and she wanted to try it.

So have you tried Thin Lizzy? 
What did you think?

NB. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and I am not receiving any monetary gain!


  1. Actually I've never heard of it. I love something that you can do in under 10 minutes so may give it a go.

    You look great not weird!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. i've wondered what it's like. you look good before and after deanne!
    i noticed at my chemist, thin lizzie also has bras like the genie bra.
    i'd like one of those.

  3. Hi Deanne. No I hadn't heart of it before so thanks for the tips, I like quick and easy make up too :)
    Cas x

    p.s. you look lovely!

  4. I have never heard of Thin Lizzie before. If it makes me look as radiant as you, I should be on the lookout for it... Just wanted to thank you for stopping by for a visit and for leaving me a sweet comment about the cutesy clipboard. Hope you'll stop by again and maybe even follow me. I'm happily following you. Have a blessed weekend!

  5. I always wondered what it was like. I love the tin.
    Beth x

  6. I have it Deanne and I LOVE LOVE it! My Mum works in the chemist and she got me a tin. It's so light and fresh you don't feel like you have makeup on at all!

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