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Friday, July 6, 2012

friday favourites- nerf guns

Today's Friday Favourites comes courtesy of the children.

 It's school holidays here and as we are taking a break from schoolwork and getting a few jobs done around the house the kids have been helping me in the mornings and are then free to play in the afternoon.
Aided by the Big W toy sale and a few birthday presents the kids have had heaps of fun playing nerf wars.

They have two teams and have set up barricades and obstacles in the backyard.
Each team has a flag and the idea is to capture the other teams flag and get it back to your side without getting caught.

The Girl was very good at sneaking up and getting the flag and sneaking back with it while the others were busy fighting it out- she was often back with the flag before they even realised she took it- advantage of being the littlest I suspect.

The other day VCH was telling the little boys how he and his brother used to play a game shooting down their army men- this of course led to this game.

One child at each end of the table with a set of army figurines each.

They shoot the others figures down, winner is the one who "kills" all his opponents men first.

 We had to laugh when B1 went out at 17 and bought his own nerf gun- he had missed the rage as a child and wanted to be able to play with them too!!!
Boys are never too old for toys!


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