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Saturday, July 7, 2012

sentimental saturday- farmhouse table

I thought I might do a few Sentimental Saturday posts over the next few Saturdays for some of my newer readers that may not have seen some of these things from back in the archives.

This post is from 12 months ago today.
It features some chairs I painted and my farmhouse dining room table that I updated by painting and distressing the legs and then liming the top of it.
One year later I still love it and I am so glad I did it, even if VCH wasn't too happy about it at the time!

 Click on the picture to go to the original post.

At the moment I am updating our previous dining room table that lives on our verandah
- I will show you the makeover next week.

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  1. I'll take a farmhouse table over a canned store bought one any day! I put my antique one in teh basement b/c we couldn't get all our legs under it. Then, we bought a table a few years ago. HATE IT. I'm gonna sell it... or switch them and bring my antique one back up. We may have to add another lift to the legs so Dan can sit down and have a meal comfortably!


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