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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

some end of year activities

This time of year in Australia is not only Christmas but also the end of the school year, so we have lots of end of year activities as well as Christmas functions to attend.
The four youngest children have been involved with a kids club this year at another Presbyterian church in our town. 
They have only just started up this year and it is a lovely little group.
This term they have been filming a version of the Christmas story and have also been getting ready for a parents dinner, making the invitations and decorations for the table etc.

Then on Thursday night they cooked and served the dinner to the parents and the film had its premiere. 

It was a lovely evening and the film turned out great.

On Friday B4 and B5 had their gymnastics party and presentation.

Here is B5 getting his certificate

 and B4 getting his.
We also got to see their cousin in the gymnastics club performance group which was great.

Then on Sunday was the annual service that the children have in Church.

This is the song the children performed, you can see B5 and B4, but B3 is hidden behind the trees.

 The Girl performing another part of the song.

 All the children are given books but when a child is high school age they are presented with a Bible as they "graduate" from kids church.
Here B3 is receiving his bible from our Pastor.

 The children were fascinated with the budgie that our pastor used in his talk.
It was quite strange for me because this was the first time in 10 years that I didn't organise this service, so instead of being up the front, I got to sit in a pew and watch it all!


  1. Lots of fun, yet a relief when some of the busy-ness is over. I like your last photo.

  2. You have certainly been busy.
    Good busy, it seems :)
    Love the budgie.
    x Marnie

  3. It would be very strange after 10 years, but good too:)


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