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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

little christmas visitors

These two little guys came to visit on Monday, it was rather hot and they flew into our undercover area.

 One landed on our freezer and the kids were worried that it was injured.

The other stayed up high in the rafters. 
The one on the freezer was panting and just sat there, it even allowed B3 to stroke it.
I managed a couple of photos then when I went to pat it, it flew off so it wasn't injured at all.

I thought they were a type of finch but when I checked out the bird book they are mistletoe birds, just visiting in time for Christmas, or maybe they were just after some of the mistletoe that like to get into our trees.


  1. Oh how cute. I've never heard of mistletoe birds.
    Kylie x

  2. Love it Deanne. I can't remember ever seeing a bird like it but the bird lovers tell me they sometimes visit the trees in our yard. Pleased it wasn't injured.


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