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Monday, December 12, 2011

new front door....

A little project I did last week was to repaint my front door, which really is technically now the door into my sewing room.

 I got B2 to unscrew it for me and painted it on the table on my veranda, it was so much easier this way, and now that I have a glass sliding door on the old front veranda come sewing room it was fine to have a couple of days without the front door.

I painted it with Dulux Waterway, my new favourite colour.
I won't count Antique White USA as a colour because technically white isn't a colour is it?
I sprayed the gold door handles in chrome to freshen them up and make them match.
B1 informed me as he was reattaching them that I should have just used one of the spare chrome ones in the shed as we don't really need to use a key in here anymore!
Thanks B1 - next time tell me before I go out and buy spray paint and paint them!
B2 repainted around the door frame in white aqua enamel, to freshen it up. 
Then VCH came along today and decided to remove all the bits that were there for the screen door that we obviously don't need anymore, so it had to sanded and repainted this morning, it still needs another coat.
As you can also see a strip of edging needs to be replaced that was removed during the floor installation last week, and if you look closely in the top photo you will see that under the bottom of the door step (what is the technical name for this?) was missed, I will have to get someone to lie down and paint this at some stage.

 I put a Christmas wreath here, 
I love the pop of red on the aqua!

Here is a close up of the wreath, look how different the door colour looks in the close up.


  1. Very Pretty color!! It makes it feel like a new door right? I love it!

  2. That color is amazing! And your wreath looks great on it!

  3. Looks wonderful Deanne, love the wreath too!

  4. Aqua is one of my favorites colors. Your door looks so fresh and the pretty red wreath really adds a nice touch.
    Thanks so much for sharing this project and thank you for visiting with me:-)

  5. I also love Aqua since it’s a shade of blue. Anyway, your door looks fresh especially with that red wreath décor hanging by it. Hmm…why is it that the color of your door looks very different up close?

    -Isaac Andre

  6. The color you chose is very refreshing and easy on the eyes. It gives off a happy and tranquil feeling. Plus, the red Christmas décor creates a beautiful contrast with the aqua color. Great job on painting the door!

    >Maricela Milum

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  8. The color of your door, as well as the wall makes me feel like I’m knocking on heaven’s door. It created a very relaxing, soothing, and heavenly feel. Maybe next time you can add more decors, aside from a simple Christmas wreath during the holiday season.

    -Willene Fagen


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