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Monday, October 24, 2011

someday my prince will come...

On Saturday morning the three youngest dressed up and went to a very special party.
This party is for all the children in the town and is the first official event of our local festival.
As a child I was dressed up every year and taken to this event.
When we first moved back here my mother wanted me to take B1 and B2 along and I said no, I resisted until last year and took B5 and The Girl, this year B4 came with us too.

 B5 went as an explorer- notice the hat I picked up last week at the garage sale.

 The Girl was a Jacaranda Fairy Princess

 and B4 reused his costume from another party and went as Dr Who with his own miniature Tardis that he made himself.

 The children parade around in their costumes

and are awarded prizes 

The competition can be stiff depending on what category you are in.
B5 won his section, B4 came second in his, but The Girl missed out.
The kids all got something in the end and had some cake and fairy bread.

They also pick the page boy, flower girl, prince and princess for the festival.
The first two are judged, the other two have their names drawn out.
B4 had his name drawn out -so he is now the Jacaranda Prince!
He gets to go to the queen crowning ceremony on Saturday night and then on the float with the Queen and the candidates the following Saturday at the end of the festival.

so now my prince has come....not quite the same way as in the fairy tales but still he my prince.


  1. Indeed your Prince had come. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh it is a pity the girl didn't win anything. She looks gorgeous as the Jacaranda Fairy. Well done to B4 and B5.

  3. What a wonderful festival ! Your children are winners anyway ( including your girl ) xx Ava


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