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Friday, September 16, 2011

bungalow stage three

We have moved onto the final stage of the Boys Bungalow, B1 and B2's bedrooms.

First we had to relocate a red belly black, who had slithered through a tiny gap in the outside fibro and was residing in the wall cavity.
The internal walls here are fibro so we have decided to strip them and gyprock them.
This is the third time in our almost 11 years of living here we have done this space.
When we bought this place it was a half finished shed. 
VCH finished it off and we transformed it into a playroom/schoolroom.
However, after a while we decided it wasn't working and school moved inside, this area ended up becoming a junk space before we turned it into a bedroom for the two bigger boys and a storage area for clothes waiting to be worn.
This reno included putting in a ceiling and tiling the floor and a new paint job of course.
If you would like to see the boys room before go here:

 This was the first time VCH had put up a ceiling and he didn't glue it so it had sagged a little in this area, so he pulled down the gyprock in what will be B1's bedroom and out came the rat infested insulation as well- yuck!

Here is the frame up and B4 is fixing a screw from where the light was.

 This is other the wall of what will be B1's room, it will contain a linen cupboard in the hall way and a built in wardrobe for his clothes.

 Here you can see his wardrobe.
I am not big on built ins in kids bedroom because I think they restrict the placement of furniture - I like to rearrange things too much!
But in this case it was necessary because I really thought there needed to be a linen cupboard in the bungalow, so it made sense to make the other side a wardrobe.

This is the walled gyprocked.
Now that the electrician has been to wire up we can finish the gyprock on the walls and ceiling.

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  1. So much work! I hope you were able to relocate the snake permanently.....

  2. Oh, snakes and rats!! looking really lovely:)

  3. I'm so over snakes! Wow this is going to be a great space for the boys they will love it for sure.

    Enjoy your weekend my friend

    Always Wendy

  4. Bet your boys are loving their space! Hope the snakes are gone for good :) Thanks for dropping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing.


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