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Saturday, April 24, 2010

big boys room

Our two biggest boys don't actually sleep in the house with us we only have 3 bedrooms.
When we first moved in we had a half completed shed behind the garage.
We finished it off and turned it into a playroom/schoolroom. 
But it was hot in summer, cold in winter and in the end it was just easier to school in the house. 
The room ended up becoming a storage area-read mess.
We decided to turn it into a bedroom for the older two boys- they have been up there for nearly 4 years now.
We had to put in a ceiling and tiled the floor and repainted it. 

The two boys have separate areas divided by cupboards.

 With a bookshelf at the end

VCH made all the cupboards and bed heads when the boys were younger- they are in a beach hut/shed theme.

 Here are beach hut photos I took when we went to Brighton Beach (Melbourne Vic) in 2001.

They are framed and on the wall.

 VCH made the desk along the wall that hides the storage area.

These are painted cork tiles used for a cork board above the desks.

The boys with a car track on the mat in the communal area of the room.
This room is soon set to change with us converting the garage into a games room, and this room will become two bedrooms for the 3 oldest- B3 will move up and share a room with B2. 
Making this whole area into a little cottage, with sliding doors at the front and a little deck.
We will also be adding a garage and workshop to the side and this will have a bathroom that opens up into the bedroom area and a storage area.

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