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Friday, August 5, 2011

this is the way we hang the clothes....

...on a cold and frosty morning 
(sung to here we go round the mulberry bush)

How is this for a poor excuse for a clothes line?

 First the bit that rolls it up and down broke so VCH fixed it, but then the pole started to fall over and we found that it had started to rust because it had never been cemented in. 
So B4 fixed it by putting it onto a star picket but it wasn't strong enough so it kept bending.
Here we see the poor old thing in its final days, we had moved it so the plumber could hook up the septic to the boys bungalow.
Look at B3 trying to hang clothes on the line, actually on second thoughts I think he is taking them off.

Here is our new line, in its new position.

With a winder that works.

Wish you could still buy the tradition old steel Hills Hoist, but these metal and plastic jobs are all you can get these days, though it does match the new paint colours for the house, as you can see we haven't got to this side yet!


  1. A working clothes line will makes things much easier! Unfortunately the new ones are unlikely to last like the old metal ones did.

  2. It's frustrating that they only make the plastic anymore. It just doesn't last. I noticed right away that we were getting a look at the bungalow and the paint. What did you ever decide about painting your porch? Lisa~

  3. Hope the plastic ones last. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.


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