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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my hero

VCH is officially my hero.
Our clothes line has been in a sad state for quite a while and has been repaired numerous times but still would break.
I have been complaining to VCH about it for some time and begging him to make me a new clothes line.
I have given up even going near the clothes line and the children have been hanging all the clothes on the line and putting up with it.
Yesterday B3 came in and said, "I refuse to hang any more washing on that line!"
When I looked out - I just laughed.

The clothes line had tipped so far it was now touching the ground.

This is the reason why.

So B3 had to hang the rest of the clothes where he could.
We rang VCH and said we were going on strike until he did something about it.
So when he came home from work he set to immediately.
This is the result.

No not a new line but he has fixed it- for the last time.
If it breaks this time a new line will be made.
The offending piece has been removed.
The line can no longer go up and down.
It is a nice height for the kids to hang clothes on and it still spins.

VCH is pleased!!!

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