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Thursday, November 5, 2009

2m of fabric

When we went to Spotlight a couple of weeks ago to buy stuff for B3's 10th birthday party I picked up 2m of fabric to make something out of to wear to the party- its a tropical luau theme.

I decided to make a skirt, so set about making a simple skirt with an elastic waist.
I added some panels either side with the fabric running the other way to make it wide enough (they don't really show up in the photo).
I sewed it up and tried it on and then remembered why I don't wear elastic waisted skirts.
They don't suit my body shape, they make me look short and fat (well shorter and fatter than I normally look).
So I had to taper the panels down so that the skirt fitted tighter at the bottom and didn't flair out so much. It's better but I wished I had made a wrap-around skirt or shorts instead.

I also managed to make an apron, as I will be cooking a BBQ and I didn't want to splash my clothes.
I am forever trying to get grease stains out of my tops.
I have a couple of aprons but I never remember to wear them- I need to get into the habit.
It has a lovely big pocket, again with the fabric running the other way- so big I had to run a seam down the middle to hold it on place and divide the pocket into two.
I used the fancy elastic at the top to make it easy to get on and off, like I do for the kids ones.

Then of course I had the girl at my side asking when I was going to make her something.
So she ended up with a little skirt.

I am just hoping it doesn't look too matchy matchy at the party!

I still have some small scraps left over that can be used for some bean bags or dolls clothes or a trim or something.
Anyway I was impressed with how much mileage I got out of 2m of fabric.

The photos are taken on the new lounge still wrapped up- any guesses what colour it is??

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  1. I love the fabric. I want to go over to spotlight soon and get a few more summer fabrics for the boys mainly


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