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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

house painting

So here we are painting, we thought we would start at the back because a. we had already sanded most of the wall and b. we knew where we were going with the colours.

 The Girl was stripped to her undies and an old swim shirt, her painting style leaves a little to be desired.

The big boys also started painting the bungalow.
 I decided to spray paint the cream powder coated window white- well at least on the outside- our house has a very eclectic selection of windows from the previous owners.

The bungalow wall, it still needs guttering and VCH has to put new fibro on the left hand side.

 B3 sanding ready for the side wall to be painted
Here you can see B1 has started the guttering and top trim with the darker grey (Leadman)
B1 is playing foreman and has allocated everyone jobs on a whiteboard to be completed each day.

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  1. I love a good family project! Looks like you all are having fun!

  2. I love your blog header! So glad you came by and left a comment. It's always great to meet another Jesus follower her in the blogosphere!

  3. looks like all hands on deck!

  4. Looking good! lots of team work:) Love the whiteboard!


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