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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

decisions, decisions

Lots of painting has been going on here the last couple of days, it's lovely weather so great to be out in the winter sun.
I will do a post of our house painting later but I wanted to show you something that I have been doing.

 Do you remember way back last year when I found these two chairs set out with the garbage one night?
They came home with me of course and have been used by VCH and myself at our dining table.
I finally got around to doing something with them.
Firstly I gave them a good clean with a scourer some washing up liquid and hot water and then set about giving them two coats of white paint.
Then of course I got out the sandpaper and distressed them.
After that I went over them with some dark furniture beeswax before giving them a quick spray with clear gloss.
Now my problem is what do I do with the cushions?
A nice grain sack or French script fabric would be my first choice, unfortunately I don't have any lurking in my sewing cupboard, but I do have these.

 putty coloured spot- this is actually a pillow case- I have seen this in oilcloth which would of course be wipe-able

 pink with tiny spot, I have a blue on too (his and hers)

 stripy upholstery fabric

 pink paisley

 natural canvas

 blue floral, I bought for some cushions and never used.

 hessian (burlap)

 cream with pink roses

 brown corduroy
  another floral.

So tell me what is your favourite?

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  1. my favourites are putty spot and stripey upholstery

  2. Hmmm...lots of good choices, but my favorite would probably be the stripey upholstery fabric. It's neutral, looks great on the chair and the fabric would hold up better than some of those others. Lisa~

  3. Hi! My 9 year old daughter and I have just looked at your fabric choices and we both agree that it's a toss up between the putty-polka dot number or the cream and pink roses. Of course they are both equally gorgeous, but if it were me I'd be going with the putty-polka dots for it's neutral factor :) Can't wait to see what you choose!

  4. I like the putty spot fabric the best. Hessian would be scratchy to sit on and anything plain like the canvas would probably show too many marks.
    They're looking good. Can't wait to see the finished product at Beach Cottage.
    Good luck

  5. I'm partial to the neutral polka dot or the pink paisly. Cute chairs, no matter what you select they are adorable!

  6. They all look nice but the putty spots or the stripey ones are my faves. Whatever you pick will surely look good :) Thanks for linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  7. Putty colored with dots. Enjoying your blog.
    - Joy

  8. Putty spots , but I loved ALL your choices xx


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