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Monday, July 4, 2011

house painting dilemmas

 It's school holiday time here in NSW so we I have decided that these holidays would be the perfect time to start painting the outside of the house.

 We need to paint the boys bungalow and as some of the paint is chipping off the house I figure that now is the time to change the colour. 
I have decided to go with grey.
But I have a few dilemmas that are going on in my mind. 

 We plan to glass in the veranda at the front of the house to turn it into a sewing/craft area, so I am thinking to actually paint it white- probably my all time favourite Antique White USA.

 My dilemma is do I also paint the other veranda white on the two walls as well?
The big ugly brick pillars are another dilemma, do I paint them the lighter grey (which is actually a similar shade to the current blue just in grey), the dark grey or white at veranda level, they will be the dark grey below that?

Thirdly the colour of my front door, it will loose the screen when it is enclosed, so do I go the dark grey or maybe a red or leave it white?

Anyone want to weigh in with their opinions?

For those wanting to know the two colours are: Dulux: Leadman (dark grey) and Dulux: Strap (mid-light grey) and the trims around the windows will be gloss white

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  1. I like things "even", so I say all verandas and anything related to verandas in white - the walls, the pillars and the slats below the front veranda in white. But if you don't like that idea then do the slats and pillar in the same colour. Don't like the idea of the brick pillar changing colour half way up. Not a red door. What colour are all the trims going to be around the windows etc? I would probably say do the door in that colour. Does that help? Actually, the bigger question should probably actually be Will you even get this message? Missy


  2. Thanks Michelle,
    The window trims will be white, the same as they are now.

  3. Well....coming from a gal who adores a clean, streamlined look - I would paint everything white. It would make it look larger, airier, and very cohesive. I would paint your front door a pretty soft gray like BM Coventry Gray. I would then add shutters in that same color. Have fun deciding, Deanne! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. No advise here but I'm sure you'll work out something which is just right. I can't imagine painting a house grey but when it's done it may look stunning.

  5. Oh I'm ooohing and ahhhing at the front of your house, and your day bed / miners lounge and your stack of suitcases , I love the white idea for the verandah walls...Lol, I can live my white dream through you. Would look lovely xx Ava

  6. Thanks Ava,
    I love my day bed too. VCH and the 2 biggest boys made it for me for Xmas about 7 years ago- I originally painted it a purple colour with pink and purple cushions and had bright pink pots along my front veranda (didn't have the side veranda then, and the other bit was open too) with the blue house it was very colourful and eclectic. It has only been recently that I have gone into whites and neutrals, but I am enjoying the change!

  7. OK I have been thinking and thinking about this. Here is my opinion, for what it's worth (which isn't much). :)

    Both verandas white, the brick pillars the lighter gray all the way down (I'd see if there was another place with trim to incorporate that color other places) and the door should DEFINITELY be a pop of color. With the gray and white you could do pretty much any color you choose. If it was my house I'd do a darkish that went beautifully with the gray and it would bring out the beach style that you do so well. Lisa~

  8. Thanks Lisa, I hadn't thought about a teal, that might be fun!


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