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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

recent finds

Here are a few things I have acquired recently - all with good potential to be transformed.

I found these two on the side of the road put out for someone to take, they just need a good sand and a paint.

This little caddy was at an op shop for $2- endless possibilities here- I just need to pick one!

This tray was also found at the same op shop for $2, just waiting for a lick of white paint and some love.

These two beauties were a garage sale find on Saturday $1 each, they are on their way to being transformed into something spectacular.

I have big plans for this frame, $1 also.

Finally this frame I paid $2 for it and another, that for some reason hasn't been photographed, at another garage sale - the plan for this ties in with the other frame.

My other excitement was that they finally got more "S's" in and I was able to complete


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