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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i made limoncello

Let me make this statement first so that no-one gets the wrong idea here, I am not a big drinker and until recently, when we have discovered a couple of wines that we actually like I often went many months without alcohol touching my lips.
Now when I do indulge it is about 1/2 a glass of wine once or twice on the weekend.
Anyway when Sarah at a Beach Cottage posted her recipe for limoncello and me with a lovely lemon tree full of lemons, I thought I would try this as it sounded like fun and super easy.

We have a bush lemon in our yard. 
Now according to my research they are a naturalised lemon that grow wild in subtropical Australia- that's where I live. 
I am not sure how old our lemon tree is or if it was planted or not, but I do know you can now buy bush lemon trees at the nursery.
They have a thick skin and look rather unique with funny bits sticking up all over them.

So I took my lemons and peeled the rind off.

Then I placed them in a jar with a bottle of vodka and left it for over a week.

 I took my leftover lemons and squeezed them and made some yummy lemonade
(make a sugar syrup with boiling water and sugar, 3 cups each, add lemon juice and dilute to taste with water, great with a bit of mint thrown into the glass).

Back to the limoncello
 After a week I had to strain off the peel.

 Look at the colour of the vodka now!

I then made a sugar syrup and added the two together and poured into these bottles.
I left them for another few days before trying it out on the weekend.

It was very nice served cold over ice with some mint leaves added, although I did water it down a little as it is quite strong if you are not used to it.
For more detailed instructions head over to here for Sarah's detailed recipe.

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  2. Sounds like a great summer cocktail to enjoy before tea.

  3. I don't drink much either, but would love to try it. Sounds refreshing!


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