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Saturday, July 16, 2011

just a quick easy job!?!?!

In the midst of building the Boy's Bungalow, VCH and I were discussing our laundry.
 Back at the beginning of the year our electric hot water system was playing up so we decided to replace it with gas.
We chose gas over solar because, we had solar in our house in town and it was a real nuisance.
When you ran out of hot water, if it had been cloudy for a few days, it would be the next day before you had hot water again because it was connected to the off peak- which of course meant it would not start heating up until that night, boiling jugs for washing up and to bath children is a real nuisance and we only had 3 then.
We still got a rebate for using gas so we went with that.

Anyway back to the story, this meant that we no longer had a hot water system in our laundry taking up space, the idea formed in my little head how I could re-organise my little laundry to be more user friendly.
Then one day VCH, all on his own, came up with virtually the same idea.
After this discussion, I called the cabinet maker that put in our kitchen and asked him for a quote.
The quote came back very reasonable and thinking that this would save VCH lots of time and energy in doing it himself, I went ahead.
However I didn't realise that in order to remove the old sink the tiles had to come off the wall, this meant the fibro came off with the tiles and this meant that VCH would have to re-sheet half the wall, and re tile, until our wonderful plumber came along to connect the Bungalow's water and septic, and had the brilliant idea to put all the plumbing and electricity for the washer into the lower part of the cupboard, so off came the rest of the wall, now VCH had to re-sheet the whole wall.
I also had forgotten that we put in the laundry cupboards before the tiles so of course now VCH also has to fix the floor tiles.
While looking at the resheeted wall he decided he may as well put in some new cornice rather than the yucky old beading that was originally there.
So what I thought was going to be a quick little job has turned into a major overhaul of our laundry!
So here is our laundry before:


Here is our laundry in the midst of being redone:

 new plumbing and pre wiring done

 You can see where the old cupboards were and where VCH has pulled out the partial tiles to fix this area- lucky we have some spare tiles!

 All the architrave around the window will have to be redone.

The rest of the wall the plumber pulled out.

 VCH has put in the new sheeting.

This is where our old hot water system stood, but this all gets covered by the new cupboards.

 B4 intently watching the instillation

 Here are the cupboards with the sink.
The washer and dryer will sit on top so no more bending!
The cubby holes are for washing baskets.

Here is an example of what they will look like, there are 6 (although we have put the kitty litter tray in one).
I need to decide whether to go with plastic baskets- squarer so will hold more and more practical around wet laundry or the cane, more vintage looking and asthetic appeal- what do you think?

I had originally chosen a lighter grey bench top but when I was at the showroom looking for the handles, I decided I liked the vintage look of these, so I ended up with a dark grey bench top to match, the cupboards are Parchment the same as my kitchen, the wall colour is Dulux: Antique White USA.
B2 has been painting the wall and as he didn't want to get any paint on the new bench he thought he would cover it with newspaper.

I don't think there is much chance of any paint spilling do you?
VCH will put the taps on tonight (hopefully), he worked this morning and is playing golf this afternoon.
I am going to accessorise in aqua and I have some cute art ideas to put together, so I will show you more when it is looking a bit more together.

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  1. So much house building/remodelling activity Deanne. Now when you've run out of ideas for your house.......


  2. I think the plastic look sturdier, I like their squarer look. However if you could find sturdy cane in a squarer shape I might prefer that.

  3. I have seen photos with squarer cane ones but not sure where I could find them here.

  4. I always hate the time in between -the mess and doing without-but it's always worth it in the end. We are going to do a bathroom remodel this winter on our only bathroom-that will be challenging! Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow you have really been cranking out the projects! I wish I really COULD come there to visit...I'd love to see it all in person. I can't wait to see the laundry room when it's all done. Good for you! Lisa~

  6. I wish I had all that space in my laundry room! I really like the changes y'all made and I love the door handles. I prefer the cane baskets because they look so charming but am not sure how practical they would be.

  7. Oh I love it Deanne. I have just shown it to hubby because we are starting our laundry soon.

  8. I like the wicker baskets too. Maybe you could line them, otherwise they'll catch on everything.
    Dropping by from Met Monday


  9. With six kids you must do a lot of washing, so you deserve a lovely laundry.

  10. The laundry basket cubbies are perfect!! Our home is still being built, however I am hoping I can use this idea in mine! Love it :) Hugs, Jan

  11. I love the wicker baskets, but in a laundry room, I vote practical every time which means the plastic ones. Can't wait to see the big reveal.

  12. Looking good! It is going to look amazing when its finished! Can't wait.

  13. Your new laundry room looks wonderful! Everything is so well planned and organized. Thanks so much for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home.

  14. We are in the middle of a bathroom/laundry room renovation project - I feel your pain! Can't wait to see what yours looks like all done!


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