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Friday, September 25, 2009

in my home -laundry

This is my laundry, it doesn't always look this way, I wish it did!
B2 cleaned it up beautifully one day so I promptly snapped some photos.

This is the double sink which I love.
When we first bought our house the sink was actually along the narrow wall and you could not fit a washing machine beside it- so it was very impractical. We got a plumber in to put it along the other wall and there is enough room to put the washing machine and dryer between the sink and the hot water system.

I love my front loader washing machine.

Behind this old door (recycled from VCH's BIL), is the hot water system.
VCH cut down to the same height as the washer and dryer.
This is as you walk into the laundry so it was very unsightly before.

VCH made this broom cupboard and the cupboard next to it was made with a wider bench top so I could put a change mat on top of it for when I washed my babies in the laundry tub. (see top photo also).
It is only a small laundry, so I have tried to make it as practical as possible, it works well most of the time (or as well as the people doing the laundry work anyway).

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