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Monday, October 5, 2009

my kitchen

This is my kitchen.
I love my kitchen.
I spent a lot of time dreaming about it before it actually happened.
Some of my friends thought that it would never happen, but I was patient and it eventually did.
When we did our extension 2 years ago (we went out 3.3m along one side of the house) this included a new kitchen, walk-in pantry, veranda and study.
This meant we could turn the kitchen/dining area into a dining area, and I could have my dream kitchen.

This view is looking into the kitchen from the veranda door.
The cupboard you see houses all the glasses, cups, plates, trays etc. to the left of it is the dining room.

This view is looking back the other way from the pantry door.
You see my display cupboards, the servery window that opens onto the veranda and the door onto the veranda.
(The mess on the bench are the tea towels that B3 was folding up and putting away at the time)

This is the corner with blender and knife set.
The blender used to live in my pantry but when I replaced it last year the new blender wouldn't fit under the shelf so it now lives out in the main kitchen.

These are the corner drawers that store my plastic containers.

This is my window with the sink and dishwasher.
My sink in a laundry tub.
My logic was that if I had a dishwasher most of the things I need to wash up are really big so I may as well have a really big sink to fit them in.
It works well.
The little tap on the right is for the filtered water.

This is my cook top with range hood above it, and drawers below.
They have the cooking utensils and the saucepans etc.

These are my ovens.
I wanted two.
They work really well.
I can cook one thing or lots of things.
I can cook one thing at a high temperature and another at a low temperature.
I can bake in one oven and grill in the other.
The drawers underneath house flat trays etc.
The thing you can see in the oven on the right is my pavlova that I made for dessert for a BBQ we had.

This is looking into my pantry, VCH made all the shelves etc. to my design.
I will show you that another day.

Here are close ups of my display shelves.
At the moment they are blue.

I change the display on a regular seasonal basis, sometimes the things are brown, or white, or green and yellow, and at Christmas they are red.
I usually change the picture to the side to match also.
A large bowl/ basket comes in handy to catch those bits and pieces.
I usually use things I already own for my displays.

So there you have it a tour of my kitchen.

We had people over the other night and the house was looking particularly clean, so I ran around madly with my camera taking photos.
So you can look forward to some more peeks at my house.


  1. Wow Deanne! It looks big, beautiful and very functional. Does it face East? It must be a favourite room in the house. Do you have a pleasant view out your window?

  2. Yes it does face east and looks out over the neighbour's paddock which is lots of banksias and bush.


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