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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

holiday time

It is currently Spring Holiday time.
Monday was a public holiday for Labour day.
Yesterday we cleaned out the storage area which is up in the big boys room, lots of decluttering and getting rid of stuff we no longer need.
Today we are getting B1 and B2 packed and ready to go off to an Ag Camp on Thursday.
B4 is off to a birthday party on Thursday.
Friday will be a quiet day at home, before a busy weekend.

I have started planning next term's work.
We will be studying the ocean and I have been looking at Fieldwork from LaPaz home learning.
For history we will be studying the Reformation and in Geography the boys have requested to study South America.
The little boys will be joining us in learning about the ocean, and we are planning lots of trips to the beach.
Now that its daylight saving we will head down to the beach after cricket training every second Thursday and have tea on the beach.
We will probably do some weekend trips as well with the boat.
What fun!

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