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Saturday, April 2, 2011

sentimental saturday three

This is our dining table set for Christmas Eve.
To read about how our dining table came to be click on the photo it will transfer you back in blog time and you will find out some more about the true genius of VCH in the recycling department- although I am a touch biased!

But here is a dilemma for you, I am thinking of painting it white- well the top anyway, probably more of a white wash or a distressed look.
Our dining room is a little dark as it has no window of its own just light from the lounge room on one side and the kitchen on the other as well as a skylight.
I am thinking the white would make the room look lighter and I am in love with all things white- well actually I have always loved white but it is only now that I have felt free to embrace my love.
So what do you think?

PS what do you think of the new look blog??? or should I change it back???

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  1. I don't know about painting it white-I'd put a white tablecloth on it for a week and live with that and see what you think-if you love that-Go for it-especially if you love white!

  2. Deanne, I think white might create more cleaning?? I can just see with my kids promite smootched into the cracks and all!!
    BUT I too do love white and against the wash look of your photo frame windows I think it would lift the whole room......
    Like your new blog too
    xxxx Sandra
    Missing you terribly.....planning a trip to Bundy any time soon??

  3. Unfortunately no trips any further north than the Gold Coast are not planned in the near future- will have to plan a trip after you move into your new house.
    The place mats seem to contain most of the mess, and my youngest is now 4 so hopefully wouldn't be too bad.

  4. In my house, anything that isn't a beloved antique is in danger of being painted!! I think this old wood wood look great painted white and distressed. It WOULD brighten the room! Go for it!!! I know is kinda scary but you could always paint it another color if white didn't work out.

  5. I would'mt do a full white. I would go for the white washed look.

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