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Sunday, April 3, 2011

lounge room

I realised that I hadn't really shared my lounge room since we bought the new lounges from IKEA.
So here it is, although the photos were a little hard to take as it was late afternoon and the window faces west so sun was streaming in, I had to shut the blinds to try and take the photos, then the room was too dark so I had to turn on lights - crazy!

This is looking towards the fireplace and the shelf where the two littlest ones school stuff is housed.

This is looking towards the TV cupboard, antique desk and the door goes to our bedroom.

The other lounge looking towards the hallway with the picture books and towards the dining room where my sewing stuff is.

This is the coffee table with the stools underneath where the little ones sit to do book work, the jug is a metal one that I love with some cheap supermarket daisies and the TV cupboard in the background.

The antique desk which my great grandfather built with floor cushions underneath.

Now for some more details.
I picked up some cushions on sale at Target.
I have two of each of these, I just arranged them like this to show you.
The ticking one I got ages ago and was on the veranda.
The one with the embroidered circles was down to $3.42 and the larger one which has a sort of hessian texture was 1/2 price $20 down to $10.

This is my sheer curtain, it has little daisy type flowers on it, I usually replace it with a heavier one in winter.
I just realised that you can't see the curtain rod in any of the photos, it is a black wrought iron looking number.

The books were turned around because they all had red covers and I was after a more neutral look and it seems to be trendy to put books that way at the moment.
The wooden book ends I had for years and sitting on them is a pottery jar that was given to me by a student that her dad made- I actually have a few similar pieces that were also gifts from her.
The African bust was made by B1 many years ago when he did pottery.
The plaque is the old one from my dad's niche before we moved his ashes when we put him in a new niche with my mum in last year.
Finally is an ice bucket - a garage sale find years ago with some vanilla candles from IKEA in it, they give off a nice fragrance.

Up the top is an old bible my Aunt gave me and a register for a dairy co-operative that has never been used- it is just beautiful to look at, such a shame we don't make stuff like that anymore.
If you look to the right you can see a hint of the curtain rod.

 This is the fireplace with the chameleon sketch by B2 sitting on it, to the right is a clock that I originally bought for outside but we found it too hard to see from any distance so I put it in here for now.
I would really like a clock like Maria from Dreamy Whites and am seriously considering making a knockoff if I can find a clock mechanism that's right.
The newspaper pile is for the fire and is starting to get out of hand but as soon as we start lighting fires again it will soon go down.

So that's it for a little tour of our lounge room, I will show you the other wall where the middle boys do their school work another day (you know when it's cleaned up and I take some photos).
PS. Note the time on the clock -it is actually an hour earlier because daylight savings finished last night!

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  1. Looks good Deanne. I love the 4th photo, the white daisies in the white jug amongst the wood looks so fresh. You have brought together the old and the new very well, with lots of special items too.

  2. so Deanne, can you tell me the secret to keeping your lounges so white with 6 children? I cannot have a light colour for our lounges because they children just dirty them so quickly.

  3. They are slip covered so we can just throw them in the wash, but we do normally throw some old white sheets over them so they are easy to pull off and wash- biggest problem is actually a kitten who thinks it is a litter tray every now and again!

  4. Love the IKEA stuff. I've never heard of a lounge room. Would that be the main living area? Or is it a different room? I would paint every stitch of that furniture. I can't help myself. I live to paint. :) I love the room though, it's very cheerful Lisa~

  5. Hi Lisa,
    If you look at the top of my blog page there is now a section called speaking Australian which is a guide to terms that we Aussies use that you may not be familiar with, but to answer your question yes the lounge room is the main living room.
    *I may paint the furniture one day although not the antique desk, but I am liking the contrast between the wood and the white.

  6. great lounge room for all of you! now, i assume you don't allow your kiddo's to eat in there? ooxx, Tracie

  7. Looks lovely and so comfortable and inviting.

    Happy WW,

  8. Hi Deanne, i love ur lounge room. I really love how all the white contrasts with the big wood pieces. Especially love the table where little ones do the to ur blog, hope ule stop by mine and say hi.........Bonnie


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