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Friday, August 7, 2009

my dining table

This is my dining room table, it has 8 chairs around it at the moment but it can seat 12, 4 down each side and 2 at each end.
VCH made it out of pallets.
We had outgrown our 6 seater table some time ago.
We had been squeezing 8 around it for so long.
We needed a new table but I wanted it to fit into my dining room and still be able to fit a large number of people at it.
Nothing available commercially was suitable so VCH decided to make one, but couldn't find timber he liked.
I suggested he use some pallets and we just stain it a colour we liked.
He bought a thicknessing planer to help with the job.
I think it was worth the investment because we use pallets for so many things and this will make them that much smoother and more versatile.
Friends keep joking that he needs to write a book on all the things you can make with old pallets.
Thank you VCH your talents have saved the day again!


  1. So very clever, and it's beautiful. Is VCH taking orders yet?

  2. That is lovely! And a job WELL DONE!


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