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Friday, August 7, 2009

swing high swing low

I am not quite sure how this has come about.
I am not sure if it is because of The Girl's interest in swings or what,
but the boys have suddenly started making swings in all different trees and in all different styles.

There is a tyre swing and a rope swing, one you climb into and sit on the rope.
At one stage B4 even constructed one using a totem tennis racquet for the seat.

A ladder is good to climb onto to get a bigger swing happening.

All sorts of experiments are taking place (physics) to get just the right swing length and height from the ground, which is the strongest branch etc.

It is amazing to watch them all get involved and outside swinging.
I thought the bigger ones had grown out of it, but I suppose I still enjoy a bit of a swing myself (occasionally)!

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