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Friday, July 31, 2009


Our Girl just loves to swing!
Everyday she asks for someone to push her on the swing.
"Come push me on swing, Mum"

We have four swings on a frame in the yard.
It was here when we bought the house.
The swings have all had to be repaired as the plastic perished.
We picked up two more at a garage sale both with two seats that a friend/brother can share. VCH attached them to the frame to replace one that was unfixable.

Little Miss Gymnast usually has to have a swing on each one in turn, often climbing from one to the other without actually touching the ground! Pretty clever for a small girl!
She thinks it is pretty funny if I hop on the big swing while she hops in the baby swing and we swing together.

PS Don't you just love the mismatched gumboots on the wrong feet!

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