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Friday, April 1, 2011

busy busy busy

Hey, long time no see!
I am still alive and kicking- just in case you were wondering!
The reason behind my absence is due to our living out in the sticks-how can that be I hear you ask?
Well you see the thing is it means we can not get broadband internet we can only get satellite, wireless won't work either unless we buy an antenna, we have no mobile phone reception either (that's Australian for cell phone)- well to cut a long story short somehow or other we managed to use all our gigs up and the internet has been so slow that I couldn't even upload any piccies, hence no posts- so there you have it one of the small disadvantages of living out in the bush, the other one is insects- you get lots more out here than you do in town, but that's a whole other story.
Today is the start of a whole new month and so our speed is back up.
So what have we been up too?
Well it has been busy here at fivebrothersonesister.

VCH has started holidays- he doesn't go back until after Easter and we are starting our next big building project. 
So this is our week that was:
Saturday: VCH and kids help out at church working bee

Host Teens for Truth BBQ and Pool party Saturday night.
 VCH starts building while teens are partying.
Sunday: Church and VCH does some more building

Monday: more building, B1 mows Poppy's lawn, Gymnastics

Tuesday: Has the shed 90% finished B1, B2 and I go to our Growth Groups (Bible study) on Tuesday night
- Forgot to tell you that B1 got his Learner's Permit last Wednesday on his 16th birthday and is now busy chauffeuring me around so he can rack up the 120hrs in his log book to get his license in 12 months, including 20hrs of night driving- going to Bible study has taken on a whole new meaning!

Wednesday: Saw VCH finish shed and start building some new shelves for it- it is a little smaller than old one so we are doing some major decluttering!

Soccer training in the afternoon and a visit to see this new little person

Thursday and Friday: sorting out and moving things from old shed into new.

B1 starts his soccer season by refereeing two games tonight- some more driving!
Saturday is the start of the new soccer season so will be off to see some games in the morning and ferrying B1 to his refereeing commitments.

Next Monday we are off to the Gold Coast for a mini holiday- Wet'n'Wild, Seaworld and two nights staying at Seaworld Nara Resort- something we have never done before. 
We will make a leisurely trip home on Wednesday and then get into some more building.

I have some projects to share and some great treasures found while cleaning out the shed, so I will schedule some posts for while we are away.

 Don't forget to join me for Sentimental Saturday tomorrow.


  1. You certainly have been busy Deanne. Have a great holiday, although you'll likely come home exhausted after all that activity!

  2. oh Deanne, your shed looks great. Your husband certainly is very handy.

  3. Now that's the way I like to spend a holiday (even though we're self employed so we never take one). Get something built! My dream. It's looking great. Enjoy the coast. Lisa~


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