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Friday, January 21, 2011

meet maggie

This is our latest addition to our family.
This sweet tiny little kitten has been named Maggie
- going on the theory that cats respond best to 2 syllable names that end with an "e" sound.

We had no intentions of replacing our beloved Jazzy so soon but Maggie and her brother were advertised on Freecycle and we decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

She is currently confined to my bedroom until she is familiar with her new home.
She is very timid and has spent most of her time hiding under my bed, though she is slowly coming out and being a bit more social.
She hasn't spent much time with people and what she had was being chased by a 2year old boy wanting to pick her up by the neck- so she will need a little bit of time to adjust.
Her mum is very cuddly and we think she will be too when she is more settled.
She is the sweetest little thing and is already very much loved.


  1. Maggie is very cute Deanne. I hope she settles in well.

  2. Maggie looks adorable! I am sure in your loving home she will settle very quickly, particularly once she knows she is safe and loved.

    Coincidently, we have a black and white cat too that we got as a kitten (dumped, poor lovely): she is the most lovely affectionate cat despite her poor start. My eldest son named her after his favourite footy team Collingwood (Magpies)...yep, her name is Maggie too! :-)


  3. Hello, thanks for coming by to visit. What a sweet little kitten! Hope she turns out to be a nice pet for you.


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