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Friday, December 18, 2009

hello kitty

Meet Jazzy the newest member of our household.

Isn't she cute?
She arrived this afternoon courtesy of another HS mum who told me her friend always has kittens.
Gaynor picked her out and as she was going past the turn off to our road today on her way for a weekend away, I met her at the corner and she handed me a box with this little bundle in it.

I have been wanting a cat for a while now.
Our last cat (only cat we ever had) died about 3 years ago when she was almost 16.
I was pregnant with The Girl at the time and I didn't feel like I had the energy to deal with another baby, so we didn't get another cat at the time.
We live in the country and ever since Penny died we have had mice problems- something that we never had with a cat in the house, even when she was old.
I am sure mice sense the presence of a cat in the house and give that house a wide berth.
A couple of weeks ago we found a nest of baby mice in our new bathroom cupboard (the mouse must have crawed up the hole for the pipe) and that really freaked me out.
I said to VCH, "We need a CAT!!!".
We have now found one living in our reading room and have tried baits to no avail.
Then VCH saw it and said, "That's not a normal mouse," which would also explain the strange poos and also why it wouldn't take the bait.

I was a bit worried about it being a marsupial mouse and then remembered the nest, it must be placental.
A search on the internet found that Australia has lots of native placental mice that apparently arrived here after our marsupial (have babies in a pouch) animals, but before white settlement, which is when our common mice and rats arrived.
We have now got the special wire mouse trap out, but we need to work out what this creature likes to eat and hope to trap it.

But maybe Jazzy's cat magic will work and the mouse will move out on its own.
She has the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen.


  1. gorgeous little cat. I couldn't imagine life without a cat. We have had ours for nearly 3 years now.

  2. What a doll. That will scare away the mice.


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