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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

map mad

I spent yesterday playing with maps.
It was great fun!
It has been on my to do list for a very long time.
I had a heap of old maps, some were my aunts, some were from Freecycle.
So on Monday night I sat down with an old map and my bunting proforma ie. a triangle cut from card and starting tracing and cutting the map into triangles. 

I used pinking shears rather than straight scissors after consultation with B3 who happened to be in the room at the time and said the pinking sheared triangle looked better.
(OOPS looks like I need to go back and rub out some lines!)
On Tuesday morning I laid them out on the table to get an order I liked, then I ironed them because they had crease marks from where they had been folded. 
I then simply folded down the top and glued it over a piece of string.

 Voila in no time at all I had some map bunting to hang in the study.

 Next I thought I would tackle this tray that I op shopped before Christmas.

First I sanded it lightly, gave it two coats of white paint and then distressed it.
I love distressing - its great way to cover up a bad paint job.
I then mod podged an old map onto it.
It is of Spain and Portugal and is in Spanish.
It's the first time I have ever used Mod Podge.

 After it was dry I kept coating it with some mod podge to seal it and give it a shine.
I will also spray some varnish over it when I get to town and by some more today.

My next project was to cover some biscuit tins in maps.
First I sprayed the top of the tin and the lid with silver- I would have used white but I had run out and when I am in the midst of a project I can't wait, so I just keep going with the next best thing.
I then cut and stuck on the map, again using mod podge.

Next I cut out a circle for the lid and glued that on.

 I have done two but can't complete the third until I have visited Bunnings for some more spray paint, because guess what - I ran out of silver as well!

I then upcycled VCH's beer holder into a holder for the above tins.
 I painted it white and then distressed it and wrote on the blackboard paint with my new best friend, my liquid chalk pen.

I am hoping this will go in our new home school area that I am about to set up for the middle two next week, after a very exciting trip to IKEA with VCH on Saturday in the ute and without children!
We only get to go once every twelve months or so- as it is 3 1/2 hrs away, just south of Brisbane, this will also involve some time travel as Queensland doesn't have daylight saving. 
If there is one thing I miss about not living in Brisbane it's IKEA and if there is one thing I don't miss it's the lack of daylight saving!

My final project for the day
was making these magnets out of maps, clear glass stones, mod podge and magnets.

Here's a close up.
For more info on how to do it click here
I am on a role, I have a few more things I would like to cover with maps- so stay tuned!


  1. These are ALL fabulous!!! I particarly love the tins and holder... You sure did a great job putting the maps to great use!! Have fun going to Ikea...we don't have one here either; this is probably a good thing or I would live there lol

    Travel safe to the 'Sunshine State'!


  2. You have been busy, I really like some of these ideas:)

  3. Hi Dear, stopping over from A Beach Cottage link party, to say I love this map bunting! Not seen this done before with bunting, so original, and pretty. Makes me want to fly off on holiday ;) xoxo tami

  4. wow Deanne love the bunting the best!

    great work

    thanks for taking part in Good Life Wed!

    cheers sarahx

  5. I love Mod Podging maps! That banner is super cool.

  6. I love it all!!! You have made me want to go out & find some old maps to do the same. Love the bunting the best.

  7. love all your map projects and the crate...
    i have made a pencil...& EAT wooden box almost the same...i adore them...

    i have quite a collection of old vintage maps picked up here in england at *boot sales*....the luxury of living in old blighty for me as an aussie gal!!

    i'll be back to take on some of these great projects- thanks!!

    melissa .....

    ps-found you via sarah at a beach cottage!

  8. I LOVE the things you've done with the maps! I have a plan to incorporate maps into my childrens rooms and you've given me more ideas. I especially love the bunting and magnets(I'll have to make those for myself!)

    I love your blog title our house it's one brother surrounded by a house full of girls. Ha!
    ☺ Celeste

  9. very cool ideas! thanks for sharing!

  10. What great projects! I love maps too and have a file folder about three inches wide just full of them. I can't wait to get started on some new projects!

  11. I love old maps too! Thanks for showing ways to use them!

  12. I adore ALL of your new projects, they're fabulous! Amazing how much you can get done when you're in "the zone". Loverly ideas, I may have to borrow a couple for my cottage...

  13. Such lovely projects! I'm inspired to try making a map bunting too -- I think it would look really nice in our homeschool room!!

  14. Wow you were on a roll ... love the bunting and all the other projects.

  15. Okay, I'm totally lovin' every single map project here. And I'm also totally regretting the vintage maps I recently let go of. Why is it, every time I get rid of something, I later discover a wonderful use for it?!

    Thanks for linking to the party, Deanne.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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