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Saturday, December 18, 2010

splash of red, dash of green

I normally don't decorate my bedroom for Christmas but there is an awful lot of decorating going on here this year that I don't normally do.
So for a grand total of $2.99 my bedroom has a new sophisticated Christmas look.
 Why don't you come inside and see.
Here are some baubles on the door leading into my room.

Although I have both a red and white and a green and white quilt set, I am still totally loving my vintage chenille, plus as it's summer I have no quilt on my bed just this and a sheet. 
So I just Christmasised (I think I just made up a new word!) it by adding green and red pillow cases from my sets.
I have since added a couple of red and green baubles to the frames above the bed, but I haven't taken a photo yet and it's too early to do so- I might wake up VCH sshhh!

 EDITED to add this photo after VCH woke up.
Here are the frames above my bed a few little trinkets.

Next on my shoe drawers I put this little collection of red and green candles I already had onto a white oval plate.

 Here they are lit.

Here is some of the Christmas bush that I have floating around the house for a week or so- it is lasting really well.
I stacked red and green books, well actually I had a stack of red and a stack of green so I mixed them, you'll see the other stack in a minute, and some green baubles- here is the $2.99 part, I bought a pkt of 12 from Woolies.

Here is the whole look, the red handbag adds a nice touch don't you think?

Next comes my lovely old cane chair (this was my grandparents).
I put a red and green cushion here that belong to my quilt sets.
Yes that's another chenille bedspread folded up - I bought this one for The Girl, but it hasn't quite got to her bed yet!

Now let's move into the parent's retreat area.

In the corner of the bookshelf are two green buckets one with more of those baubles (lots of scrunched up newspaper under this to bring up the height.

On the window sill are some red and green candles, waiting for a romantic evening with VCH
(maybe Tuesday night -24 yrs since our first date), you can just see my updated NOEL in the corner there but it has since moved, I'll tell you what I did to it in another post.

Here on the bookshelf are 3 green candle holders with candles inside and my Mary Gregory candy jar
and below are 4 little trees that fell over and their bases broke, so the are sitting inside some old candles that one of my sweet children kindly removed the wicks for me, knowing that months in the future I might want to use them to hold up Christmas trees.

Here is the other stack of books teamed with a green vase.

Under the window on my blanket box is some more Christmas Bush, the wreath off my front door that I found laying on the ground the string that was holding it up had broken somehow?? and I haven't got around to putting it back up so it found its way here along with a red place mat and some more candles.

So there you have it with a splash of red and a dash of green my bedroom is ready for Christmas!

For other views of my bedroom click here, here and here

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  1. Gosh, how I would love summer right now! Clever idea to hang the ornaments from the frames, etc above the bed. Merry Christmas!

  2. Okay, I knew before I looked at your profile that you were from somewhere other than the USA. What gave it away you ask? Those slatted glass windows. I love them and have only seem them in other countries. Love your bedroom decorations.

  3. Thanks Judy, we call the windows louvres and they are wonderful for letting in a cool breeze - we keep them open all summer including nights- I had no idea that you didn't have them in the US, people used to use them to enclose verandahs with in older houses, but they have come back into vogue in recent years as people realise how great they are for air flow.

  4. You are much more ambitious than I...I do well to get my bed made every morning. Nice job on your Christmas bedroom. Thank you for sharing your charming designs. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  5. I adore that Chenille bedspread! So old fashioned and cuddly. Brings back so many nice memories of my grandparent's house. And I do love a beautiful white bed.

  6. It's so beautiful. Don't you think decorating your bedroom for Christmas makes it more romantic? I put a tree in ours for the first time last year and my husband loved it. After Christmas last year I found a long, narrow picture that says, "Let's meet under the mistletoe and have a merry Christmas. Love it!

    Love your tray of candles and the books tied with ribbon. I like how you decorated with red purses, too.

  7. I love all these simple ideas :) The group of candles is a very nice touch! I'm your newest follower from wandering wednesday! I'd love for you to check out my blog as well :) Have a merry christmas!!


  8. Love your red and green touches!


Thanks for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate your kind words.