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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my new love affair

 I have recently developed a love affair with white Chenille bedspreads.
It first started when I saw a photo on Houzz with white chenille bedspread on a bed with a blue and green throw that I thought would look good in B2 and B3's bedroom when we do the cottage.
So I set about searching for some, this of course led me to eBay where some of them are fetching a phenomenal price. 
I managed to get one at a good price, B2 and B3 were actually in raptures over the bedspread and its soft fluffiness (I would never have believed boys would act this way when they saw something but they actually did). Then I was searching and searching for another which I eventually found but paid more for it than I wanted (note to self do not let a 10 year old sit beside you and egg you on in last minutes of an auction)
Anyway it didn't stop there I now have a total of five no six white chenille bedspreads, I stopped when I found one for my room that I just love.

 I decided I didn't want a plain one but something with a pattern on it.

 This is the top of it where the pillows go, but it doesn't really suit the style I have with lots of pillows, which I like on my bed so I can be comfy when reading in bed, which I do a lot of! 
I am deciding if I undo it and make it into some pillow shams.
I wouldn't consider doing this if it was in perfect condition except someone has already cut the edge of this over on VCH's side.

I have set it up with some breakfast things in my white tray.

Here it is with the bed turned down like it would be if we were really having breakfast in bed.

 This is my bedside table.
This little bear has been playing with some string and got himself in a bit of a tangle!

I made this little bear for B3 when he was a baby.

 VCH 's side is sporting that lovely jug with the grass from the paddock next door (see the bit that is cut at the side).

 Even VCH is liking the chenille.

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  1. Well you were so right to get this chenille spread! Your whole room is gorgeous. That lovely bed and especially the frame arrangement above. It all has such a British Colonial look about it which I love. You don't get that with all white rooms. You need the contrast with the dark woods. I'm amused with how much we have in common. My boys and girl are all grown now, but I had six sons, and then a daughter, and one more son. Thanks so much for your visit from the other side of the world! Jacqueline

  2. What a beautiful bed and room. I could so take a nap there! I love the bear and string- fun idea. I have bears and never thought of doing that!
    Great post and you did a fun photo shoot of it!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. I've always liked chenille-makes me think cozy like curling up on grandma's bed! Your's is pretty!

  4. What an inviting bedroom this is! I too love Chenille, it's just a classic snuggle type fabric that is reminiscent of my childhood. I'm loving your all White look, so peaceful and serene.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I love the chenille bedspread!! I have a bunch that are just a bunch of knobs of chenille - my children just love to snuggle in them.

    I adore what you did with the picture frames above the bed ...think I might know the perfect place to do something like this in my home!

  6. in all my collecting you have hit the nail on the head with this white one!..stunning!
    p.s.our daughter was just in your beautiful country and loved it!..

  7. Great post. I love the arrangement you have over your bed. It inspires me to do something in my bedroom!

  8. How Beautiful ~ The Bedding & the Wall of Gold Frames.... Love It!

  9. Hi sweetie, thanks so much for your visit and comment on my blog. It made my day. I love you chenelle bedspreads, their soooooo beautiful. I need for redo my guest room, that would be wonderful.


  10. Wow, don't know how you do it with the kids to have white stuff. But I would love that bed spread too. :-)

  11. Lovely pictures, I love your white bedding, it's so pretty!!! Happy White Wednesday... Blessings~~ Daphne

  12. I love the chenille bedspread reminds me of my childhood. We always called it 'Candlewick'.
    You breakfast tray and crumpled bed look gorgeous.
    Thanks for visit.

  13. It was wonderful to have you come by my place for WW. I really love the spread Deanne. I have a few and am ashamed to say that I use them outside on the porch. I love how they look on the hammock. I found most of mine at yard sales for about five bucks apiece here. I think that I will get every one I come across from now on.
    I love that we have the same number of children, although I am a little heavy on the girl end. Four of mine are girls.
    I have a daughter who homeschooled here five until this year. They went to public school this year.

  14. Love it! The pattern is great :) And I'm loving the white. How relaxing :)

  15. I'm with you! I have a chenille spread on one of the beds and I always snatch them up at flea markets. Yours is perfect for that bedroom. I love it! Lisa~


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