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Thursday, November 4, 2010

dress up day

Today was the day our local town goes wild and dresses up and dances in the streets.
Mostly it is the local business people who dress up but it is becoming more common for the locals to do so too. 
The kids wanted coloured hairspray in their hair this year so rather than spend $5 each for the local hairdressers to do it we bought 3 cans of spray in different colours and did it ourselves for $13.
Some of the children dressed up and I also bought some fun coloured zinc.
Here we are before heading off for the free breakfast provided on the day.

The colour of the day is purple, this is our purple princess who named herself Petunia.

B5 as Pirate Pete

B4 went as Farmer Joe

Our cool dude B3.

B2 was finally persuaded to colour his hair and paint his face.

B1 had to be held down to have his face painted.

VCH chose a Hawaiian Shirt lots of paint and coloured hair.

I was also Hawaiian with my skirt and lei, my hair was sprayed pink and I have a flower on my cheek but it doesn't really show in the photo.
In the fifties and sixties the men all wore Hawaiian shirts and the ladies long flowing floral skirts, white shirts and leis - we just up-cycled it a bit!

brother and sister

The little ones enjoyed a ride while the big ones went off with their friends.

Disney characters were part of one act.

This is another act that VCH's sister was in - she was so well disguised that none of her family recognised her including her brothers and father (she's the one in the navy singlet).

The Girl and her Poppy (VCH's Dad)

VCH was spotted by a news crew and interviewed unfortunately his bit didn't actually make the news.

Our usual ice cream cone was replaced by a slushy this year, because some of us are on a wheat and dairy free diet at the moment.

The reason for our celebration each year is the flowering of these beautiful trees.


  1. This looks like a brilliant family day.

    I have six brothers so I'm the only girl and I LOVED every second. Well, perhgaps not quite every second....! But I loved being part of a big family...and still do.

    Your family looks adorable.

    Lucky you!

  2. oh what fun Deanne. Are they Jacaranda trees?


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