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Monday, December 13, 2010

busy buzzy bees

Do you remember the swarm of bees we had?

I rang WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service) who gave me the number of the "bee man"
I rang the "bee man" only to find out from his wife that he was now in a Nursing Home.
She had no suggestions.
I rang back WIRES who had no suggestions either, other than they would probably move on and were just passing through.
Well a week or so went by and they were still there.
After speaking to a friend he told me that if they were without a queen they could be angry and suggested to smoke them out.
Before I could convey this to VCH he did a not so very clever thing - he smashed into the tree with his work ute and knocked a lot of the bees down onto the bonnet of his ute- did I mention that some of my precious children were in the car with him?
He hosed them off the ute and we then discussed what to do about them and how we were going to get rid of them.
 Well the next day they were gone.
They obviously didn't like their home being hit by a nasty ol' ute.
So his not so clever thing turned out OK after all.
But they left us a little present to remember them by:

Some bees wax- they had started to build a hive!


  1. An unusual accidental solution to a potentially "sticky" problem! No great loss without some small gain.

    We had a swarm of bees decide to gather in the passionfruit vine on our pool fence last Thursday. We were a little dismayed as to what to do, with me resorting to an "Ask Daddy when he gets home" response to the children's many questions. B1 decided to secretly get pretty close to them and fire a strong water gun at the swarm. He said they didn't even move. However, sometime later that afternoon they all moved on without a trace, much to our relief!

  2. Wooow what a story! Hope no one was stung. The 'gift' they left you is really beautiful though:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Apparently a ute (short for utility truck) in Australia is what you call a pick-up truck- I had to ring my husband to ask. Maybe I need to do an Australian terms on the side of my blog! LOL


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