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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

garden happenings

Just a few little garden happenings.

1. The other day when the rest of the family was out at a birthday party VCH decided to make paths around his vege patch.
He used sandstone from the piles left by the pool excavation and some white rocks from an old garden.

 Now we have the flashest vege patch in Australia!

2. B1 moved some agapanthas from the front garden to the pool area.

 They look so pretty with their purple flowers, we still need a few more for the other side.

3. The other day the kids discovered some bees swarming in one of our trees in the paddock.

So I snuck up for some close ups.

They are still there so I will have to make some phone calls to see what can be done about them.

So that's it for our garden for the moment, stay tuned for some Christmas posts!


  1. Wow!! Those paths look fantastic!! I wish it was starting to be spring here - it is just grey, cold and nasty!! And those bees look a lil scary - no way I would have gotten as close as you did!

  2. That looks beautiful!!!! And, oh my! That is a lot of bees there. You are very brave to get so close:) Happy December 1st!

  3. Well the zoom lens helped a bit!

  4. Wow, all of those bees are crazy. I think I would have ran away had I seen them.


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