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Thursday, December 2, 2010

weekend finds

I went garage-saling on the weekend and inspite of there being 25 garage sales in our area there was little I liked or if I did they were way over priced.
I did get the tiny cane tea set case on top, I have another slightly bigger and plan to put the two together.
The bottles on the bottom row also a find, they are old coffee bottles, great for putting goodies together- these are going to be part of some Chrissie Pressies I am making, the yellow tray they are on was an op shop find on Friday, along with the wooden rack you can't quite see on the side.

But my favourite piece is the tea trolley I got for $5, it needs some work and I am not sure how it will look or where it will end up, but I have always wanted one of these. 
It is loaded up with my craft bits and pieces at the moment because I do most of my crafting on the veranda and I was tidying up for visitors so I tidied it to here.

This is a shot I took last night while outside taking some night time posts of my veranda all decked out for Christmas.


  1. Oh, I do like that tea trolley! It will be so much fun to use. Great find! It looks terrific already!

  2. Garage saling is addicting, isn't it? :)
    The tea trolley is cute. :)


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