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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

special tree

B4 and B5 decided they wanted to decorate the top of their clothes drawers 
(which for the moment live in the hallway outside their room).
They thought they would pool their resources and buy a small tree.
I had been op shopping the week before and saw that the op shops had heaps of Christmas stuff out, so we headed to Grandma's op shop (the op shop my MIL volunteers at).
They picked up a tree for $2 which wasn't so small, two baskets of decorations $1 each and a star 50c so for $4.50 they had their tree and decorations.
They then went to the cheap shop and bought some lights for $5.
So for under $10 they were set, they came home and decorated the hall, including a couple of old decorations that I no longer use strung up to the ceiling.

photos courtesy of B4

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