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Friday, July 16, 2010

rearranging and rearranging

I have rearranged the little boys room three times in as many weeks.
It is so hard to juggle three boys in one bedroom, even if it is fairly large in size.
I was sick of the bunks and everything looking crowded.
Inspired by some kids rooms on this site we took them down and arranged them around the walls, unfortunatley in my calculations I failed to consider two desks and three chests of drawers. 

 We ended up with a cluttered arrangement with two chests of drawers across the middle of the room, just what I was wanting to get rid of.
My next plan was to move the three chests of drawers out into the hallway right outside their bedroom. 
This failed when the front door couldn't open and we ran into the old phone jack meaning we couldn't move the first chest of drawers far enough back to enable the other two to sit beside them along the wall and still be able to open the front door.

 So in the end my solution was to leave the drawers in the room against the walls and move the desks to said hallway.

This seems to be looking better and with the play area just out the front door we have all their things contained in one area just spread out a bit more and feeling less cluttered. 
As no one comes in the front door any more this should work fine- they will of course have to keep it tidy. 
It is now almost like a children's wing of the house with bedrooms, playroom and study all in one area and the bathroom right there as well- unfortunately the rest of us have to share the bathroom as well- oh for the luxury of an en-suite!

Now what happened to my wash stand in the hall and those dolls?
I'll leave that for another post.

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