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Friday, July 2, 2010

boys room

We managed to clean and declutter the boys room last week.
There were some very interesting finds in their drawers particularly B5's and we found some long lost items.
We decided to remove all the toys from the room and move them to the veranda.
I am going to make a nice play area for them there- will post when it gets finished.

This meant that there was room for B4's new desk and craft stuff in his bedroom- as long as he keeps it tidy!

Looking into B3's half.

I am looking forward to B3 moving up to our cottage, with the two biggest boys, when it gets done and rearranging this room for the two little boys- but it will be some time away yet.

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  1. It must be the time Deanne, I am going to declutter the little boys room these holidays. They also won't have any toys in their room now that Steve is doing the family room/home school room. I wonder what interesting things we will find when we get in their room.


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