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Thursday, July 15, 2010

working boys

When we first floored our entertaining area we had some serious drainage issues. 
VCH's way of getting around this was to make cement squares and put rocks around them.

Very Jamie Durie, but not very practical.
Little rocks ended up on the cement and it was really annoying- but what could we do?
VCH has decided that the drainage issues are no longer a problem and the kids need a cement area to ride their scooters etc. so ...

B1 made the cement with help from B3

and B2 and VCH cemented the spaces

 Job finished.

When it is completely dry we will paint it over with a paving paint.
We have some more plans for our entertaining area, but they will probably have to wait until we build our new garage.


  1. Looking good. did you have to pick all the stones out first?

  2. The boys shovelled most of the stones out but left a few in for fill.
    They will be reused on the front garden or the new gardens around the pool.


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